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Whether you’re associated with a public, private or home school, Rancho Camulos Museum’s year round school tours are a must see. Created by our in-house docent council (many of whom are former or retired teachers), our educational program provides a hands-on approach to learning and imitating rancho life of the 1800’s. Everything from doing laundry by hand to cooking tortillas is experienced at Rancho Camulos.   

Each year, Rancho Camulos hosts over 400 elementary school children who come to Rancho Camulos. What better place to soak up the Californio lifestyle and culture than Rancho Camulos Museum? Much of the students’ two-hour tour is spent engaged in hands on learning exercises, which includes making tortillas, using an old-fashioned washboard and wringer, molding adobe bricks and putting on a play about the rancho in the 1930s-era school house. Students also visit the rancho’s main adobe home and chapel, and learn about the many agricultural crops grown on the rancho.

Docents who lead students at the learning stations are nearly as enthusiastic as their young visitors, often commenting that the school tours are their favorite part of being a Rancho Camulos docent. The children love what they do on the tour and leave with a better understanding of what life was like for a Californio ranching family. There are school tour worksheets available under our RESOURCES link.

Field trip dates fill up quickly.  The cost for children 12 and under is $4, and $5 for older students.  

Please fill out our SCHOOL TOUR RESERVATION FORM online to request specific dates.   For further information about how you can participate in our Docent-led school tours, please contact Rancho Camulos at 805-521-1501, or by email at:


Rancho Camulos Historic American Buildings Survey (HABS), 1934 - Library of Congress

Rancho Camulos Historic American Buildings Survey (HABS), 1934 – Library of Congress

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